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Why visit the dentist, even if you don’t feel tooth or gum pain?

Everyone needs to visit the dentist often.

How often should you visit the dentist?

Persons with good healthy teeth and little risk or history of cavities or gum disease should check on their dentist at least once and averagely twice a year. On the other hand, persons with a high risk of dental disease are required to visit their dentist more often – every three to four months, or even more. The frequency of visits is informed by past dental health history, the state of their teeth, and the individual’s dental hygiene routine.

Here are key benefits of visiting your dentist whether you are in pain or not:

1. Establish problems that are under the surface using x-rays

Be it a basic X-Ray or an OPG (Orthopantomagram), X-rays help your dentist to monitor any changes that could be happening in your teeth between appointments. Results recorded are helpful in managing and treating any existing case.

2. Oral cancer detection

A dental visit grants you the privilege to conduct a full oral examination. This could help spot oral cancer at its initial stages and help initiate treatment for this serious issue at the right time.

3. Professional advice on dental hygiene top tips

During your dental visits, you are guaranteed to find out what is working or not just after the dentist examines your teeth.

4. Assessing your gums for gum infection and gingivitis.

Early detection of gum infection and gingivitis is the only sure way to avoid the very painful moments of gum disease, tooth loss, and erosion of the bone that supports your teeth.  

5. Guarding against plaque, tartar, and cavities

Plaque and tartar build-up is inevitable since our teeth are in use daily. Besides brushing your teeth properly, routine professional teeth cleaning twice a year is very essential in safeguarding your teeth from harmful bacteria activity that gets advanced when one has plaque and tartar accumulation.

6. Removal of extrinsic stains that make your smile dull.

Everyone needs a smile to be proud of, right? Regular dental visits can help you rid of stains and yellow teeth by getting your teeth cleaned when the impact is not severe and costly to reverse.

7. Visiting the dentist often helps lower costs in keeping your teeth safe and healthy for years.

Visiting your dentist for check-ups and cleaning makes you less vulnerable to expensive, time-consuming, and possibly painful dental experiences in the future.

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