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4 tips for a lifetime of healthy teeth

Almost each one of us is looking at the best ways to take care of our teeth so we can continue to maintain healthy teeth for great smiles in the years to come. What are the basic things to do to keep a healthy smile for a lifetime?

Parkview Dental Centre is always out to help you keep your mouth, teeth, and gums as healthy as can be, so you can carry on smiling with confidence, with no discomfort or pain. The following are basic best practices to incorporate into your lifestyle.

1. Brushing your teeth 2X a day

Brushing teeth twice a day is good, but more important is brushing effectively. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes per session, brush around the gum line as well, and do not forget your tongue. Clean it with a tongue scraper or use your toothbrush bristles.

2. Flossing your teeth daily

Flossing keeps teeth and gums clean and healthy by removing remains that can cause bacteria to build up and make your teeth more prone to decay. It’s the ideal way of cleaning the difficult-to-reach areas of your teeth and gums. Floss once a day before you brush your teeth (after meals/before bed). You can use a dental floss or floss pick.

3. Embracing a healthy (tooth-friendly) diet

Did you know you are generally what you eat? Healthy teeth and gums are built and maintained by a healthy balanced diet. For good oral health, incorporate calcium-rich foods which help to keep teeth and bones strong and healthy. Furthermore, be deliberate in keeping your intake of sugary food and drinks to a minimum in order to avoid tooth decay and cavities.

4. Visiting your dentist, regularly 

A typical visit to Parkview Dental Centre will help you be aware of any emerging problem with your teeth in advance for less costly and less intensive treatment. This is also the right time to have professional dental cleaning done to keep your teeth surfaces tartar-free for fresh breath and safety from dental caries (cavities). We recommend you visit your dentist once after every six months. 

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