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Restorative Dentistry

Tooth fillings / Dental restorations:
This procedure consists of removing an old filling or decay out of the tooth, then we place a toothcolored resin restoration material that can help prevent further decay. The result is a healthy and beautiful smile.

Inlays / Onlays:
Sometimes there is too much missing tooth structure to be restored by a simple filling, and in these cases we recommend a restoration made from porcelain / Zirconia, or even gold, that restores ONLY the missing tooth structure – without the need to remove additional tooth structure all around, as in a crown. This restoration is custom made to fit perfectly – like a piece of a puzzle–in the missing space prepared by us.

This is usually an option when there is so much tooth structure missing, that it cannot be restored by either a filling or an inlay / onlay. We place crowns fabricated from Zirconia, different type of ceramics, porcelain with a metal substrate, and even gold! Tooth-colored crowns may also be placed when aiding in a smile makeover, when combined with other crowns or veneers.

Bridges / Fixed Dental Prostheses:
This is usually an option when there is a missing or non-restorable tooth that cannot be replaced with an implant. We prepare the adjacent teeth for crowns and fabricate a restoration that replaces the missing tooth and is supported by the adjacent teeth. The tooth-colored bridge is usually made of porcelain / ceramic with a metal substrate, but there are newer metal-free material options too!